Broccoli and rice soup

A bright green bouquet, a spot of milk and some garlic was all I had and I really didnt want to use any other form of carb to fatten up my soup. I always make broccoli soup with a bit of milk but today I thought I would go one step ahead and add bhaat or some rice so I wouldnt have to make anything extra :p


1 small sized broccoli

1/4 cup rice

1/2 cup milk

Pinch of nutmeg, pinch of pepper and salt according to your taste (or doc’s orders or just how unmindful you can be and add more salt than needed… which I often do!) 😀

A wand.. (:D)

1 garlic sliced

1 small onion (white ones are preferred but really dont let that hold you back)!!

2 tbs Olive oil (but of course!)


Put everything in a pot and just boil the life out of it! 😀 Well no I first boiled the rice for about 5 minutes till it was tender then dropped the broccoli in to soften up. At this point I had lost my appetite so I abandoned the task but then I hate wasting food so I returned and rescued the broccoli and rice by straining them out then I diced the onions and sauteed them in olive oil,  adding the boiled broccoli and rice with salt  and I cooked it for about 1 minute. I literally dont time myself but I am one of those people who has an acute sense of timing. (Except for when I have to keep appointments..!) After I was done sauteeing them I then added milk and continued cooking until the whole thing took on a thick, creamy texture. Now alot of recipes encourage you to add cream but I dont really like cream and although I have access to goat milk here in Crete, I nevertheless went for normal milk. I added the nutmeg and pepper once the mix had thickened and after cooling it a bit, I blended the whole thing. Towards the end I roasted the garlic till they were a little orangish then added a spot of oil to sautee them. Alot of people would also suggest frying garlic but again, I dont like obsessively frying things. Once blended, I checked for salt and pepper and sprinkled the garlic on top.

Serving: This is not a soup that should be served cold and also, so add a swirl of thick yoghurt and the sauteed garlic to give you that creamy sensation after all and dunk in bread sticks or your fingers and just slurp away! 🙂