Chicken Fried in Chickpea Flour Batter & Green Masala

My friends know that I am not at all a big fan of fried food. Something to do with the fact that I had jaundice AND typhoid in my teens and it just kind of, put me off the whole fried food bonanza! And thats my excuse for being so pathetically, abysmal at frying anything. I either burn them or leave them under cooked..!! But today I was dying to try something new and I had these succulent (cant think of a less cliche word!) chicken fillets so I decided to dunk them in batter and since I am on a strict diet of only using things in my pantry, I had chickpea flour so I discarded the idea of a run to the grocery store for some flour and stuck to what I had.


100g chicken fillet into 2-bite sized chunks

2 tbs chickpea flour or beshon 

1/2 tsp ground white mustard seeds and roasted coriander seeds

salt and chili flakes to your preference

1 spring onion, 1 onion small, some parsely or coriander leaves and 2 small garlic, blended together into a paste

1 tbs olive oil


Smear the chicken with all the ingredients and leave for about 10 minutes so the spices etc seep in. At this point you might feel like abandoning the process and ordering a take out, but resist and heat the pan with the olive oil. You may opt for any other oil or even mustard oil but I live in Greece (and did you forget the name of this blog…!!!) so I shall use my privileges here, thank you very much 🙂 Now once the pan is hot and your eyes start smarting with the fumes (I mean pls dont over heat it for God’s sake) gently place the chicken peices in with enough batter smothering them. Always be gentle and loving towards your food because thats going to come out of you as well!!!  Now fry the peices turning them over so as not to burn (do NOT look at the picture attached below for inspiration. I have clarified my inability at frying…!) The process takes about 10-15 minutes but your batter needs to be totally dry at the end of it and look like a well rounded nugget. In case none of the above has happened order take out and act as if nothing ever happened!

Serving: Now you need to eat this with blanched vegetables because (wait I am totally judging you for asking me why!) its already fried food remember!!! 😀 Enjoy your efforts!

CAUTION: In case you do burn the living daylights out of the chicken, remember to share some of your take out with your neighbors!!!